SWMT SCCA 2023 Event Schedule:


April 22-23 Helena Regions 105 and 52 Break the Ice

May 6th - Commons

May 20th - Commons

June 3-4 EVO school and post autocross

June 17th - Commons

July 1st - Commons

July 22-23 Helena Region 52 Championship

July 29th - Commons

August 12-13 Helena Region 52

August 26th - Commons

Sept 30th-Oct1st Helena Region 52 Year End event



Other Events Helena:


May 13-14 Helena Region 105

June 10-11 Helena Region 38

August 5-6 Helena Region 108 Hot Shots

August 18-20 Helena Region 105 Top Gun

Sept 23-24th Helena Region 105 Coneheads



Please see Montana Motorsports Google Calendar for other events around Montana! Motorsport Calendar


Thank you to Loren K for the calendar


Current Event locations are:

The Commons 1794 E Baxter Ln, Bozeman, MT 59718 google map link

Rocky Mountain Emergency Services 3425 Skyway Dr, Helena, MT 59602 google map link