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Postby Dogeater » Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:27 pm

My main concern right now is snow tires. I cannot find good science behind what size snow tire to get. Skinny tires should plow through snow easier but, wider tires provide more surface contact on ice.
So, put 18" winters on the stock wheels (not as expensive) or buy 17" wheel and tire set (expensive)? Any advice on this would be appreciated, even links to good science.

If you go with your stock size you should be fine. I ran 225/45/17's on my SRT-4 and my STI. They were the blizzak ws-50's these are the best snow tire in my opinion, but they aren't speed rated. I still have them and they're for sale cheap.

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Postby Kevin NB8C' » Sat Dec 09, 2006 12:21 am

fastneons wrote:I have had real good luck with hankook w404. And they are dirt cheap. I've put these on my wifes car, and the srt-4. The only problem I have is they are not speed rated, and get a bit "floaty" at speeds above 85. As for size, I ran a 225/45 17 on the srt-4, and it seemed to work well.

I beleive the 404 is discontinued now and has been replaced by the 409.

I have the hankook 404's as well and they have been great for me. Also, I have to agree that they do get very floaty at speed, though I did buy the 185 width ones and put studs in them... so that makes it interesting. I have about the same amount of traction on dry pavement as I do on snow & ice. At speeds over 50mph or so I have to be VERY smooth with steering inputs as the car is set up to be pretty neutral with wider summer tires. All that sounds bad, but when the roads get really crappy, I have a good amount of traction when I see pretty much everything else on the road sliding everywhere.

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