16" 4 x 100mm wheels for sale

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16" 4 x 100mm wheels for sale

Postby T WRX » Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:49 pm

It's spring cleaning in the fall time!

I have a set of 4 16" Voxx MGR wheels for sale. They were on my e30 BMW (which I no longer own), so I also have the correct spacers to fit that car, and a full set of lug bolts. Not nuts. (Those Germans...) The bolt pattern is 4 x 100mm, so these may work on a variety of other cars as well. They're not completely perfect, but look nice and are super easy to keep clean.
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$650 when new (with spacers and lug bolts), will sell for $300. Note: There are tires on these wheels, but these should be driven no further than the tire shop, as they are casualties of autocross which have sat hardening (seasoning?) for several years.
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