spring sale MX-5

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spring sale MX-5

Postby Mel Kuipers » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:35 am

I am starting a fresh thread, as my pictures in the thread from last year have disappeared...I have my 2006 MX 5 for sale...we are the only owners, it has garaged it's whole life, and has 37k miles on it....with suspension, exhaust and alignment it is tuned to STR for autocross purposes....OE wheels with tires, OE muffler and OE dampers and springs are all extra and go with the car...we have auto Xed the car since new and had great fun....now for a new experience I will be racing a Lotus 7 from WCM, in DM...should be a fun time as well....the car has a blue book price of $10,400.00 and that is my asking price....with that comes all the extras...with the Lotus in the garage, I am in need of more parking---so motivated to sell....
ok....can't figure out how to attach pictures....if you want them emailed to you, send me a note at rosebud_59047@yahoo.com
Mel Kuipers

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