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Anaconda thank you -

Postby DaveMk1 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:08 am

I wanted to give everyone a big "thank you" for an awesome weekend in Anaconda. Those who took the chance on a new venue were justly rewarded with a really fun time at a place that feels like it was made for Solo. The layout of the place works very well for us, there's zero issue with crowd control, the pavement is good and grippy and most importantly the airport management is truly happy with our being there and they look forward to our return.

When I first contacted the city of Anaconda last January I got a very warm reply so we were all surprised when it took so long for the approval process to be completed. It was the persistence of James Rose and his willingness to attend a number of city meetings that finally got the job done. It's easy to forget home long things like this can take but James got it done. Thank you James.

Now that we have the city's approval I suspect we will be able to get Anaconda events on our schedule in the spring so that everyone can plan for the season. I hope next year that some of our friends from the Missoula area come and join us as I think it's not a bad drive for them. I think they'll find it's worth it.

This was my first time visiting the city of Anaconda and it felt good to leave a few dollars there in exchange for a weekend of fun. It was a really good deal and I smiled all the way home.

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