2018 SWMTSCCA Season Event Schedule

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2018 SWMTSCCA Season Event Schedule

Postby mdlfCRXs » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:36 am

It's finally ready to see the light of day!
Due some unexpected circumstances, this seasons schedule looks a little different.

Unfortunately the owners of the Cardinal lot had to install two speed bumps to control traffic and safety through their lot. The Cardinal owners worked hard with us to accommodate our events, but in the end we could not reach a solution. Thank you To Cardinal for all their years of support for our events, and maybe we can access their lot again in the future. The usual Cardinal event dates have been given placeholders (TBD-To Be Determined) in the hopes that we can fill those in at other venues.

A similar but temporary issue has cropped up at the Commons lot for this season. The church is still interested in us using their lot, but construction at the Baxter and Love Ln intersection scheduled for this summer may require greater use of the church lot for access to YMCA and other uses. Currently we are planning the Commons events on a one at a time basis. It may turn out to be a non-issue but we want to be prepared.

You will notice we have a new venue to use on a trial basis, the Livingston airport! This is very good news and is the result of Mel Kuipers and Gordon Elly working very closely with the airport board of directors and airport manager through the entire off season. Thank you to Mel and Gordon for their perseverance.

We also have three other potential sites we are pursuing, nothing to report yet, but stay tuned. With some luck these sites can be used to fill in our open schedule dates (TBD). Again, thank you to the David Kirk, Russ Kaiser, Jonathan Mudge for looking for alternative sites and making initial contacts.

Dont forget to consider volunteering to act as Event Chairman to help us prepare for each event. It wont be something you are left on your own to accomplish, you will have plenty of help, and really it isnt difficult. We already have a few people who have stepped up. Join the crowd!

Here is the 2018 season schedule:

Date Location Event
05/05/18 Helena EVO I School SWMTSCCA
05/06/18 Helena SWMTSCCA
05/12/18 Livingston Airport SWMTSCCA
05/19/18 Helena MT CH GF
05/20/18 Helena MT CH GF
06/02/18 Commons SWMTSCCA
06/09/18 Helena MT CH MSLA
06/10/18 Helena MT CH MSLA
06/16/18 Helena SWMTSCCA
06/17/18 Helena SWMTSCCA
7/1/18 Bozeman MSU 12th street lot SWMTSCCA
07/14/18 Helena MT CH SWMT
07/15/18 Helena MT CH SWMT
08/18/18 Helena Top Gun
08/19/18 Helena Top Gun
08/25/18 Commons SWMTSCCA INDEX
09/22/18 Helena CONEHEADS GF
09/23/18 Helena CONEHEADS GF
10/06/18 Helena SWMTSCCA Finale
10/07/18 Helena SWMTSCCA FInale
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