looking volunteer Event Coordinators

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looking volunteer Event Coordinators

Postby mdlfCRXs » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:04 am

Mel, our event coordinator is looking for club members to volunteer for Event Coordinator position for our events this year. You dont have to pick a specific date yet (since the schedule isnt fully finalized yet anyway). We are looking for a commitment from several members to volunteer now for events this summer. We can work out the dates later.

Event Coordinator is really not difficult and there is a ton of help from members who have done it. It is a great experience and a way get to know other members and club operations much better. The biggest part of the duties are to simply confirm we have specific job assignments covered, and many of these are predetermined and already committed.

By spreading out the duties we not only spread the work load but build a stronger, more adaptable club.

Post here if you would like to help prepare for an event.

Thank you in advance!
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