Results from first Montana Challenge weekend. Take a Look!

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Results from first Montana Challenge weekend. Take a Look!

Postby mdlfCRXs » Mon May 22, 2017 7:43 am

I want to recognize some real talent we have in our club. Look especially at Day 2 RAW time results below.

On Day 1 Dave Kirk carried Fastest Time of the Day, Loren was 3rd, and Jonathan Mudge 4th RAW time. Three of the top 4 spots were SWMTSCCA members.

On Day 2 Dave Kirk was at a level all to himself topping the field on Sunday with a 2.6 second advantage over the next closest competitor! And in a state championship event!

Second place was Loren Katzenberger who has really come on strong with lots of skill to get that monster Fiero through the course.

Jonathan Mudge driving a street car on street tires was the only other competitor to break into 100 second range!

So top three RAW times were held by SWMTSCCA Club Members in field of tough, hard driving competition.

Their technical skills definitely got them through the elements the quickest and won the day.

Great Job guys!

Next time you are at an event watch these guys drive and ask them for tips on how you can drive faster. They are the tops in Montana, you can't get better than that.

Day 2 results RAW
Raw Pos. Pos. Class # Driver Car Model Raw Time Diff. From 1st
1 1 dm 7 Kirk, David 2014 Westfield S2000 96.761 0.000 0.000
2 1 em 14 Katzenberger, Loren 1985 Pontiac Fiero 99.346 2.585 2.585
3 1 stx 193 Mudge, Jonathan 2013 Thion FR-ETH 100.748 1.402 3.987
4 1 asp 62 Johnson, Rob 2012 Subaru STI 101.483 0.735 4.722

The rest of the results are at for both days events.
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