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Head Count

Postby Mel Kuipers » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:06 pm

Calling all drivers:
We are scheduled for the Index event at the Commons for sat Aug 27....it has been suggested we have a two day event in Bozeman, and could run the following day from the Commons at Cardinal (the 28th of August)....before I schedule that I would like a rough headcount for how many people would like to do that two day event....this is not a firm commitment to attend, but if we only have a few people show up, we will not have enough workers to run the sunday event...please let me know your thinking, and talk with others not on the forum to see what we can do...thanks, Mel
Mel Kuipers

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Re: Head Count

Postby DaveMk1 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:55 pm

I'm in.

I think we could have some fun with a local two day event with day one being at the Commons on Saturday and day two at Cardinal on Sunday. I'll bet we could do special pricing for those that sign up for both days and no doubt we could have special awards for the combined results from the two days.

I think having two days of racing back to back might be of interest to our friends in Billings and Helena making it more worthwhile to make the drive. There is a KOA camp ground about 1 mile away the two sites are only 5 minutes from each other.

For those out-of-towners each of the venues is really fun and they lend themselves to different types of courses. Saturday at the Commons would be curvy and flowing and quick and not in any way tight. Sunday at Cardinal would typically see higher speeds and gives the high power guys a place to put their foot all the way down with longer straights.

I hope folks will consider coming - it could be a load of fun.


P.S. - Mr. Mudge - could you spam this onto our facebook page?
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