Commons 8/9/14 Index Event.

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Commons 8/9/14 Index Event.

Postby DaveMk1 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:40 am

I was thinking last night about the 'Index Event' coming up this weekend at the Commons and realized that not everyone might know that that term - Index Event - means.

Typically it's near impossible to compare times from a course run in the past to a current one as even if they follow the same path around the lot the times can vary a good bit even if a few cones are only a foot of two different from course to course. It makes sense that if you move a few key cones that they shape a turn much differently and will affect the times in a real way.

That said, if one could set a course nearly identical (knowing that two things are never really perfectly identical) to a previous course then you could see how your times compare. A few years ago I set a course at the Commons that seemed to be universally liked so the day after the event, when the chalk marks were all still on the pavement, I went out and VERY carefully measured and documented where each and every cone was actually set so that we could run this same course once a year and compare the results year to year to year. We are calling this the 'index course' and thus the "Index Event' was born.

This means that the driver can see how the changes they made in their car over the past year have helped (or hurt), how much time the EVO school training helped shave, or how another year's experience has changed your standings. It also means that you can compare yourself to drivers and cars not currently running and say silly stuff like "if I had this car and skill level two years ago I would have beat you back then". Like I said.....important stuff.

This year we will have two special Index Event prizes -

There will be a prize for the most improved from last year and this is the 'Most Improved Raw' prize - the driver needs to be driving the same car in the same class to win this. So if you traded your stock Civic for a modded Vette this isn't for you. Whoever make the biggest positive change from last year in the same car, while competing in the same class, with get a $50 gift certificate from the good folks at Montana Ale Works.

This year we have added a new prize to allow everyone who has switched cars or classes from last year - it's the "Most Improved Pax' prize. This is just as it sounds..........whoever has shown the greatest improvement in pax from the previous year. This will allow the guy who went from the Civic to the Vette to compare his driving performance from one year to the next car not withstanding. The prize for this is as above - a $50 gift certificate from Montana Ale Works. I suppose a driver could be in the same car/class as last year and win this and if so I'll bet they would be a double winner and if that's the case they'd better be buying the beers with their $100 worth of gift certificates from Montana Ale Works!

So there you have it.......the 2014 Index Event at the Commons. A big thanks to Pedro at the Montana Ale Works for agreeing to offer the prizes with zero hesitation.

If you weren't there last year you'll still be in the running for the normal FTD, PAX and Category glasses of course. So even if you didn't make it last year be sure to come this Saturday so that you can be in the running for the most improved next year.

See you soon.

Dave K
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