Potluck sat nite Mt Challenge

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Potluck sat nite Mt Challenge

Postby Mel Kuipers » Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:13 pm

Doug and Janet WD-40 have invited club members to a potluck at their place in Helena Saturday nite (even tho they have both seen us eat before)...the event is posted in the Off Topic section of the forum, but since many folks don't look there very often, I have taken the liberty of posting the event here, where more people hang out electronically...Doug and Janet would like a head count, so please chime in if you can make the event..thanks to them for the offer..the original post is :

Hey, Janet wanted me to throw out an invitation to y'all for a potluck dinner at our place Saturday. :mrgreen:
We can provide some BBQue stuff and everyone else could bring a little side dish or something.

Anybody interested?
Let me know if you'd want to head up.
We're about 10 miles north of town, with a 1/2 mile of dirt road from the main drag to our house, so you may not want to drive there on slicks.

OK...maybe I should define "dirt road" so it doesn't scare people away.
It's your typical MT rural residential gravel/dirt/road mix road, and in better shape than most in the area I might add.

MrsWD40 requested an RSVP (PM or responding here is fine) to get an idea on a head count.
I can send a map if desired via PM.

And last but not least, I hope all this freaking smoke blows out of here by this weekend. :(

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