Malmstrom AIr Force Base

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Malmstrom AIr Force Base

Postby Jeff Thill » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:58 am

Hello everyone,
I have good news about Malmstrom Air Force Base. We have signed a 5 year safety contract to use the facility. We have partnered with a club on base and they will supply workers for the events in exchange for what we will call rent money. This is a new deal an what it means is that you will have to work little if at all at these events. This track makes Helena look small. And it is a thousand times safer than Helena as well. We have never had a car off course ever that i can remember and if you did, it is completely level with the concrete. It IS on concrete so it also give you an idea of what it feels like to drive on concrete at Nationals.

So here is how this works, because some people think that you have to be military to be on base at these races. You simply get on the E.A.L, and when you show up to the gate, they let you right in. What is an E.A.L? It stands for Entry Access List. This is how you get on the list. Reply to me by email,, with your name as it appears on your drivers license, your drivers license number, date of birth, and ssn. This information is protected and only given to MAFB for the EAL. I will delete this info once MAFB has it. Please make sure everything is the exact same as on your drivers license. Please get this information to me immediately. Once you do this, you will never have to do it again. Not even next year. So, if you are not on the EAL and you want to race...... Simply let us know. We will have someone at the gate waiting to sign you on. You will need all the same information, current registration, current insurance. It takes about 15 minutes. Simply put, if you know your coming to a MAFB event, please just take one minute and send us the info, it will save everyone headache and time. But if you decide last minute to come, give us a call. We will get you covered.

Next question I know everyone is going to ask, when is the next MAFB race? Well it is premature to announce that. But I will give you a hint. It may be even as early as two weeks. So get me your info ASAP if you want to race the coolest, biggest most awesome race course ever. It has two large pads and a huge runway which is darn near as wide as Helena's pad, and a taxi way that is twice the width of the long straight in Helena. These are guesstimates only as I have not measured them lately. Lol.

Hope to see everyone at Coneheads. I was hoping for a bit bigger crowd, but if we only have 40ish drivers, then we are going to have a lot of runs and a lot of fun. See you all there.
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