Check out these three BBQ's all in one. Win it at Top Gun?

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Check out these three BBQ's all in one. Win it at Top Gun?

Postby Jeff Thill » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:58 pm

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It's an infared grill, a gas grill, a charcoal grill and the giveaway at Top Gun!
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Just wanted to show you the grill you could win if you register for Top Gun Early. It has a high heat infared cooker to seal in the juices on the left, a gas BBQ in the middle, and the ever tasty charcoal cooker on the right hand side. The rules..... register for both days before July 31st. Thats it. You will also get a free T-shirt as well. Registration is open later that July 31st, but we would like to be super organized this year and registering online is a sweet advantage for everyone now. Make sure to tell all your driving friends that don't check the internet, because if they didnt register online with us last year, we wont have their e-mail or a way to get a hold of them. If you want to help them get registered then that would be awesome of you. If they need help, give them my contact info. We are looking to have a great Top Gun this year and I cant wait to see you all there!

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