Fire Extinguishers!

Southwest Montana SCCA discussions for the 2011 season.
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Fire Extinguishers!

Postby kjohnson » Thu May 12, 2011 11:56 am

We have two 2.5 lb extinguishers, but could use a couple more. I called Fire Suppression Systems to get prices on extinguishers. Here is what I found out:

They lease extinguishers and that includes inspection and making sure they are filled every year. Prices are per year:
10lb units are $19.50
5lb units are $9.75
*they do not lease 2.5lb units

They also can refill extinguishers:
10lbs - $36
5lbs - $20
2.5lbs - $9.75

In addition to occasional refilling costs you need to have extinguishers rebuilt every 6 years and the tank hydro tested every 12 years. The leasing prices sound pretty reasonable to me. But you can buy 5lb extinguishers at stores for around $40-50 bucks and 2.5 lb ones for around $20.

The guy recommended a 10lb extinguisher for refueling areas, but for the most part we don't really see too much refueling at events. Joe and I thought somewhere around three 5lb units would due in addition to the 2.5lb ones we have.

FYI - a 10lb extinguisher actually weighs around 18lbs total and a 5lb extinguisher weighs around 8-9lbs.

What does everyone think? Buy, lease, trade, steal?
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Mel Kuipers
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Re: Fire Extinguishers!

Postby Mel Kuipers » Thu May 12, 2011 12:26 pm

I do the $9.75 a year version...what I most like is it is certified and refilled each and every year...I think that would be good for the club since we really don't have a system for checking on that...I would think we should have 3--one for each safety really is just a matter of time til we have a fire in a car...just like seatbelts and helmets--we hope never to use them, but if you need them nothing else will do, and when that happens you don't have time to run to the hardware store..
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Re: Fire Extinguishers!

Postby JoeE » Thu May 12, 2011 12:27 pm

$9.75 per year sounds pretty reasonable to me, especially if it includes topping off the charge.

I think we should get three 5 pounders.
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