Event Location change!!!

Southwest Montana SCCA discussions for the 2003 season.
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Event Location change!!!

Postby JoeE » Fri Sep 26, 2003 4:30 pm

Fresh news from Billings:
The event at the Armory, scheduled Sept 28 was just cancelled due to a schedule of company drilling. The location of the event was changed to the Homes America lot at 4780 Undepass Ave in Billings.
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Postby rkaiser » Fri Sep 26, 2003 7:20 pm

any one planning on going?

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Postby RayAR » Fri Sep 26, 2003 10:45 pm

rkaiser wrote:any one planning on going?

Do I need to answear? :roll:

I got to see the results from Skyview in the Yellowstone news letter. Congrats to Gordy for setting Fast time of the day and David V. was second. I think Rick B was 5th then a couple more Billings guys and after that a whole group of Bozemanites. We did very well over there. Another Bozeman(Livingston) driver that did well was Nick Coate. He even finally beat his Co driver. :) My driving was way off, farther then usual, I guess getting pissed off didn't help my driving any.

Anyway, I renewed my membership with Yellowstone but as soon as we get the SWMTSCCA going I want to transfer my membership here.

Next year I am going to practice left foot brakeing and stay in second gear. I have been fooling around with it and found I still have plenty of power even in slow corners as long as I keep the throttle applied(tough to slow down). I will work more on my driveing then just haveing fun. I will still have a ton of fun though. :P
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