Body Language - plastics, fiberglass, resins...

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Body Language - plastics, fiberglass, resins...

Postby T WRX » Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:04 pm

Hello, Cone Crushers!

I'm looking to replace the OEM bumper cover on my STi. It's suffered enough over the past several years, and I'd like to find something that doesn't have separate air dams on the corners or fog light covers to get messed up when I smack a cone (or twenty). I've been looking at different options, and this one seems to be the least offensive to me: ... 76276.html

Has anyone had any experience with these? I want to be sure that the thing offers sufficient flexibility to not crack when I hit cones, but not be so floppy that at high speed the car's nose resembles a blood hound in a wind tunnel.

Also - Any recommendations for a preferred body shop to handle this? Whatever I order (even another OEM cover) will require full preparation and painting, and if it's an aftermarket option there could be substantial trimming, drilling, etc. involved. I don't want to spend the $$$ and get mediocre (or worse) results.


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Re: Body Language - plastics, fiberglass, resins...

Postby Alex » Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:00 pm

Don't be confused by their marketing, "Duraflex" is just a fancy name for fiberglass. Now, *maybe* it has more flexible resins than some, but in the end, it's fiberglass.

That said, fiberglass, if sufficiently thick / high quality, has the stiffness/ rigidity to hit some cones and live to hit more the next day. The front lip on my MR2 is fiberglass, and it has withstood it's share of abuse and then some. But, hit something too hard and fiberglass will crack, whereas polyurethane or whatever other plastics bumpers might be made of will flex. Whether the paint will flex as far as the plastic without cracking, that's another story...

I have a Duraflex hood on my car. The quality is OK, at best. The fit isn't terrible, but it's not perfect either. The surface finish is a little rough. Mine could definitely have benefited from a couple more coats of primer / blocking, but I was running low on material and may have gotten a little impatient as well. But for the price, it's not too bad, and certainly good enough for my purposes. BECAUSE RACE CAR!!!

No idea how that quality experience translates to a different part for a different car, but I would expect it to be not perfect.
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